Our Classes


Zeneith Performing Arts will be reopening on Wednesday June 2, 2021 at 6:30PM for a Mandatory Orientation & On-site Registration as all physical Dance classes will resume on Monday June 7th, 2021. As we prepare to resume classes, providing a safe environment for our ZPA students, teachers, and staff is our top priority. Please review all safety precautions below. They will be enforced beginning Monday

June 7th, 2021.


All students must complete their annual registation and sign all liability waivers before attending class..

Click here to complete our 2021 Regisration Form online

Click here to complete the Covid Liability Waiver

Click here to complete the Jazz It Up Studios Wavier

Regisration and waivers can be emailed to zeneithdance@gmail.com or completed in-person during Mandatory Orientation.



Check In Policy

You must arrive promptly at your designated check in time. Please start a line outside with your parent/guardian. Please make sure you are 6 feet apart and are wearing your mask. Nyiki Swain, ZPA staff, or an appointed person will check you in.

Clean up time is not an option. Every student is responsible for helping clean up after their respective class. Tiny Tots parents are responsible for helping clean up after the Tiny Tots class. This is mandatory and should be done in a swift & safe way as we do have classes back to back.



The following procedures will continue in rotation until further notice:

• Each student & Tiny Tot parent will be checked for the following: temperature, signature for COVID-19 waiver, attendance and mandatory equipment/items check off list. 

• NO PARENTS, FAMILY, PETS OR FRIENDS (except for (1) Tiny Tot parent) WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO. All parents & guests must wait outside. We are implementing this for the safety of all our students, teachers & staff. 


Mandatory Dancers Checklist

You must have the following items for each class:

• Face Mask

• Yoga Mat....to be used for all on floor stretching

• Foam Roller

• (2) Foam Blocks

• Wrist Weights (2.5 per wrist)

• Ankle Weights (2.5/5.0 per ankle)

• Stretch bands

• Jump rope

• Hand sanitizer


• Towel

• Flip Flops

• Water (enough for all classes that day)

• Dance Bag with the following items: All dance shoes, extra dance clothes, notebook, pen, a pair of plastic gloves and an extra mask. Make sure all of your items are labeled with your full name.


Studio Access

To ensure the safety of the ZPA students, teachers, and staff, students/individuals meeting the following criteria will not be allowed to enter the studio:

• No Mask

• No Yoga Mat

• Arriving late for designated check in time

• Sick or have a Fever: if you are sick or have been around anyone that is sick, please stay home and get completely well before returning back to the studio.

•If you forgot your mask, ZPA will have paper masks for sale for $2.